The Worship Gang

Co-ordination of Worship

Organization and discipline of worship members

Discovery of musical talents, planning of concerts


The warm welcome to all guests, members from the main entrance. They teach members our core values- S.M.I.L.E

Encourage people to want to come back to Church.

Meeting with first-timers and encouraging them

Sanctuary Keepers

Beautification and decoration of the Altar

Environmental sanity in the Holy Sanctuary

Ensuring the House of God is kept clean at all times

Restrooms and the Church surroundings must be tended to properly


Ensuring vehicles are properly parked

Maintenance of access road to the Church

Security of lives and Church property during and after services

Traffic control


Welcoming first timers and handling them the connect cards

Decision cards for new converts

Welfare of the Senior Pastor and Guest Ministers

Ensure orderliness for those coming for counselling on service days

Distribute publicity materials on service days

Orderliness in service

Data collection and lists of guests


Ensure proper seating arrangement and direction for guests

Offering, Tithes collection

Coordination of the Sanctuary during services to avoid loitering

Effective crowd control

Tithe code register administration

Registering testimonies from Testifiers

Junior Church

See to the welfare of church and teenagers

Teach and nurture our children in the way of The Lord, The Worshippers Court way

Discover talents, purpose and career development in our children

Create a good atmosphere for worship.


Sound, Vision and Media quality

Scales of tapes, CDs, DVDs, and messages

Printing of evangelism tracts

Communication and Publicity: Tv, Radio, Internet and Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Elders Forum

W.A.S.T 4 Christ (Win A Soul Today) annual and periodical activities

Make recommendations for welfare of less privileged and members in need in the ministry to the office

Provide guidance and advice on issues

Pastoral Care

Intercessions for the ministry

Coordination of Services, Orders of programmes

Tend to member: visit, encourage

Marriage Counselling

Child dedications, Housewarming and marriage ceremonies

How Academy lectures


Coordination of Church activities, outreach, and ministry as a whole

Maintaining leadership and general reporting

Follow- up on unit- head and members

Financial management

Ensuring balance in the church administration system

Members Data and recording-keeping

Communication of information to all members

Cell- Fellowship administration

How Academy/Training coordination

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